Far Headingley Dental Care

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We both came from different parts of the country to study at Leeds University.  Originally from London, Purvi came to Leeds Dental School in the 1990s, where she graduated in 1998. I moved to the area from Lincolnshire and completed my MBA at Leeds University Business School in 2004, the year before we bought Far Headingley Dental Care.

There has been a dental practice at 174 Otley Road in Far Headingley since the 1940
s. Purvi had lived in Headingley when a student and we really wanted to stay in the area. So we bought the long established and well known practice from its owners in 2005. Located in a beautiful stone house in the heart of a conservation area, we are well served by public transport as well as the practice having its own parking. What could be better? Purvi is the principal dentist in our team and I manage the practice.

What we do has changed a lot since 2005. Not only is there greater dental regulation, patients have also developed a much greater awareness of their cosmetic dentistry needs. In fact, people in Leeds spend more per head on their teeth now than any other part of the UK.  We have continually developed over the years to keep up with these demands, as people are just as likely to want to discuss their smile and how it can be improved with services such as teeth whitening, dental implants and teeth straightening, as they are to keep their mouth healthy with regular dental check-ups and dental hygienist visits.

Dr Purvi and Adrian Precious
Far Headingley Dental Care
174 Otley Road, Leeds LS16 5LG