Church Woods & Drummonds


Character of the area

This residential area consists of mainly, but not exclusively, family housing, formed by a small grid of streets of varying width, length and character. The area adjoins the park-like green spaces of St Chad’s Church grounds to the south and Church Wood to the west, with the Headingley Campus beyond. The north side of Church Wood Avenue is contained by the grassy embankment with mature trees bordering the Central Park development. Those trees and those in Church Wood are protected by Tree Preservation Orders. Church Wood Avenue is the main access to the Headingley Campus, and is consequently busy.

A wide variety of styles adds to the character of the area. The buildings are mainly two-storey, of brick or brick/render or, in the case of Drummond Court, stone-clad. The roofs are pitched and tiled, though a small number have slates, and the majority have ridges and hips.

The Otley Road frontage of the area is partially dominated by the recently enlarged petrol station which introduces a brash commercial character into this prominent location, though it is to be hoped that the recently planted landscape scheme will in time mitigate its impact.

Key positive characteristics

• easy access to the grounds of St Chad’s church and the Headingley Campus

• the mature residential gardens

• the grass verges on Drummond Road and Church Wood Mount

• The treescapes in Drummond Road and alongside Church Wood Avenue are also important features

Extracted from Far Headingley, Weetwood & West Park Neighbourhood Design Statement, Leeds City Council, 2ed, 2014.  The whole document is available online at <>

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