By Train: from Leeds Railway Station, take the Harrogate Line, and alight at Burley Park Station for South Headingley, or at Headingley Station for Headingley Stadium and Central Headingley.

The railway line from Leeds to Headingley was opened in 1849 by the Leeds & Thirsk Railway Company, following the completion of the Bramhope Tunnel (the line already ran from Harrogate via Ripon to Thirsk). A Royal Gardens Station was opened to serve Leeds Royal Gardens (formerly Leeds Zoological & Botanical Gardens), but it closed (with the Gardens) in 1858; 130 years later, Burley Park Station took its place, on or near the same site.

Headingley Station

Headingley Station



Northern Service 29, Harrogate Line: Leeds - Burley Park - Headingley - Horsforth - Harrogate - Knaresborough - York

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This one route provides a scenic ride through a two-mile tunnel (Bramhope Tunnel), across three rivers (Aire, Wharfe, Nidd), over four viaducts, and through the open spaces of the Vale of York.

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Headingley station
Kirkstall Lane
Leeds LS5 3LD 

Burley Park station
Ashville Road
Leeds LS6 1NA


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