Meanwood Beck Mills

Meanwood Beck has always formed the eastern boundary of Headingley.  But for many centuries it was also an avenue of industrial activity in its own right, the site of four mills (as well as quarries and tanneries).  All but one of the mills was built on the west bank of the Beck – they are therefore located in Headingley.  A two-mile linear walk explores the industrial archaeology of the eastern border of Headingley. 

Photographs by kind permission of Leeds Library and Information Service, The Thoresby Society, University of Leeds, Jerry Hardman Jones (JHJ) and Richard Tyler (RT). Some of these photos are copyright and should not be reproduced without the owner's permission. Every effort has been made to contact all copyright owners. We would be pleased to rectify at the earliest opportunity any omissions and errors brought to our notice.

There is information on the Meanwood Beck mills in the chapter on ‘Industry in the Valley’ in Frederic P Casperson and W Arthur Hopwood, Meanwood: Village, Valley, Industry and People, Meanwood Village Association, 1986, reprinted 2004.

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