central park


Character of the area

The development takes its architectural cue from past styles with steep gables derived from the Victorian era and a formal street pattern based on Georgian principles. There is a mix of town houses and flats, laid out on a formal pattern of blocks, terraces and a sweeping crescent, all three to four modern storeys tall, equivalent to two to three storeys of their progenitors. They are mainly constructed in brick, with concrete or artificial slate roofs and plastic windows. Artificial stone lintels, together with turrets, gables, bays and balconies provide detail.

In view of its history the land is flat, with high embankments to the higher ground to the north and west, and lower ground to the south. The rising embankments include some planting and serve to contain the area visually. The mature trees which separate the development from Otley Road form a strong landscape feature and an attractive environment for the alternative footway and cycle route along this busy road.

Unlike some other parts of Far Headingley, with extensive garden planting, this area depends on grouped planting areas for its soft landscape – much of the private space in front of houses is paved as vehicle access to integral garages in the narrow fronted plots. Roads and footways are a dominant feature of the area; with only one vehicular entrance to the area from Otley Road, the junction is extensive.

From within the area, St Chad’s spire to the south forms a significant landmark feature, and the development has been laid out to make the most of a southward vista towards it, with the centre of the crescent at the north end of the axis.

Key Positive Characteristics
• Consistency of style

• Wide planting area bordering Otley Road

• Central semi-circular space and wooded frontage to Otley Road provides identity

Extracted from Far Headingley, Weetwood & West Park Neighbourhood Design Statement, Leeds City Council, 2ed, 2014.  The whole document is available online at <http://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/FH%20NDS%20Adoption%20Version.pdf>

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