New Green Buses in Headingley

FirstBus HP IMG_5677.jpeg

Keep a look out for the new bright green, ultra-low emission buses which are to be found travelling along Headingley’s high frequency 1 and 6 service routes. Launched by First Leeds on Feb 20th, there will be 34 of them by April 1st.  Headingley is ‘number one’ again.

They are a key part of First’s efforts to help improve air quality in Headingley and across Leeds. All the new vehicles have Euro VI engines which comply with Leeds City Council’s Clean Air Zone ambitions and offer a significant reduction in the most harmful pollutants such as Nitrogen Oxide. They are 95% cleaner than some of the buses they will replace.

The new colour for the newly branded “LeedsCity“ buses is bright green to help people identify them. On board passengers will benefit from next stop announcements, USB charging points, and free Wi-fi.

The buses are supported by new smart technologies to improve passenger information, ticketing, boarding and waiting times. Real-time updated displays will be available at more bus stops. These are all improvements that Headingley has been waiting for ...

First Leeds’ plans are for 284 new low emission buses for the city by 2020 . This supports Leeds’ new Transport Plan which includes a major investment of £180m in bus services. The aim is to double passenger numbers within ten years by providing more Park and Ride, improving bus reliability, ensuring faster journey times, and providing better public transport connections between the city’s communities and neighbourhoods.

All together, much better for bus passengers ... and for Headingley.

Helen Pickering
Editor, HeadingleyLeeds

FirstBus LeedsCity buses - 2.jpg