Headingley and Hyde Park


“Headingley [was] the first suburb of the city of Leeds … The fresh air of Headingley Hill attracted settlement from the smoky city, and the suburbanisation that began in the late 1820s dramatically transformed its rural character.”

(LCC, Headingley Neighbourhood Design Statement, 2010)


Headingley Centre
The Town Centre

Wood Lane Area
A Victorian Villa Townscape

Headingley Hill
More Victorian Villa Townscape

Hyde Park
A Local Centre

South Headingley
A Terraced Townscape

Cardigan Triangle
A Succession of Townscapes

The Turnways
A Thirties Townscape

Ash Road Area
A Townscape of Diverse Uniformity

For a general history of Headingley and Hyde Park, go to History of Headingley.


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