Far headingley, Weetwood, West Park

"The nucleus of Far Headingley Village was built on Headingley Moor after its 'inclosure' by statute in 1829 when Cottage Road and Moor Road were formally laid out, and individual building plots were offered for sale at auction."
(LCC, Far Headingley Neighbourhood Design Statement, 2014)


Stone Terrace Townscape

Brick Terrace Townscape

Moor Parks
Inter War Estate

Beckett's Park
A Thirties Townscape

Church Woods & Drummonds
Twenties & Sixties Mixed Housing

Central Park
Millennium Estate

West Park
Edwardian & Later Townscape

Weetwood South
A Well Wooded Townscape

Weetwood North
A Villa Townscape

For a general history including Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park, go to History of Headingley.


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