Returning to Headingley


Being wrenched from my happy little world at Weetwood Primary School to relocate to Switzerland as a 6-year-old was a traumatic experience and was followed by a few nomadic years with many school and house moves. It was with great delight, therefore, that I returned to Headingley which felt very much like home and which, as far as I was concerned, had everything a boy could possibly want. Friends galore, endless parks to play in, a bookshop, a bike shop, the best bacon sandwich in the world from Groocoks and our very own cowboy, Billy, riding up and down the Arndale on his Chestnut horse (yes, really.)

Surely there was nowhere better to live.

Study took me away from Leeds but it was only short-lived and I soon returned to Headingley where I found myself working in property, a career I have pursued ever since, having had an office in Headingley for 20 years. My desire to contribute and be a part of Headingley found focus when our lease expired and we acquired 75 Otley Rd, a derelict old student house directly across the road from the Arndale. A tricky and expensive journey through planning, funding and construction has yielded a building we are really proud of and which we hope will play a small part in taking Headingley forward.

Jonathan Morgan
Morgans North Leeds Rentals