Headingley has HEART!

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As a relatively late arrival to God’s Own Country at the age of 21 I have since spent most of the intervening years in Leeds and, for the past 11, have lived in Headingley.

Why Headingley?
It’s vibrant and creative and ever changing. It’s got Beckett’s Park where I take my dog for walks. Having coffee shops and bars that let dogs in is a great thing about Headingley. And, of course, it has HEART!

It’s a year since I took over as the Centre Manager and it’s fantastic to have the opportunity to run an organisation that provides such a hub for the community and allows for such a diverse programme of events. We've had a singer songwriter as young as 17 perform in the cafe, fundraising events for refugees, Ian McMillan, talks on Astrology, performances of Dr Faustus, not to mention yoga classes and Mums and Tots singing! The Headingley community is diverse and HEART is a great ambassador for that diversity.

Mike Bird
Centre Manager, HEART