Fit and Healthy in Headingley

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On my way back home to Scotland after a few years away, I stopped for a brief time in Leeds. As Yorkshire folk are warm and welcoming, much like Scottish people, I set up home here and have now lived in Headingley for 20 years. As a local resident and mother who also runs a business in the centre of town, I feel proud to be part of this community. It's just like a village. I have taught many of our lovely locals how to keep fit and mobile through Pilates and other movement practices. I've always been interested in nutrition, cooking and eating fresh healthy food and love bumping into familiar faces at the Headingley farmer's market, local butchers, greengrocers, bakers & health food shop.

So what to do in Headingley for free for your 3x hours of recommended exercise per week to keep fit, healthy and mobile?  Easy. Make your daily commute in and out of Leeds active by using the great cycle paths through Beckett Park and along Woodhouse Ridge. Stop in Beckett Park and try out some of the free fun gym equipment and have a cycle/scoot up and over the ramps in the skate park. Knock a ball around on the tennis courts. Walk or run along the many delightful paths in our local woods and parks. Try them all, keep fit, they are all free! 
I love Headingley!

Kath Nisbet
Headingley Pilates Studio