Invest in Headingley

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Headingley Development Trust is inviting you to invest in our area. We have just established a new Headingley Investment Fund (HIF) based on local community and ethical principles which will give people another opportunity to help improve our area.

Ten years ago we raised £105,000 to establish HEART, our very successful community business and arts centre. Our plans now are to raise as a minimum, £280,00, but with ambition for that to be £480,000 or even more. Our fund will help us to develop and support both our existing and new local initiatives. It will also enable HDT to be far more agile when spotting and wanting to respond to opportunities particularly in the local housing or commercial property markets. It will help keep money sourced from the area circulating in our area.

Funds will be raised through a community share offer via the on-line ethical investment platform, Ethex (although applications can also be made using a hard copy form), and anyone can invest. The minimum you can invest is £200 and the maximum is £100,000. You can expect an annual return of 2% as early as next year - double the rate currently offered by most banks and building societies.

We are confident that this is a low risk investment, although there is no compensation scheme in place for community share offers, so it is possible that investors could lose some or all of their capital. However HEART has not missed a loan payment since its inception, and HDT has produced a surplus for the last seven out of ten years. Your money should therefore be safe and you will be able to apply to get it out after 3 years.

So if you want to help move  the levers of community change in Headingley, this share offer is for you. For full details including financial projections, go to  or

Helen Seymour, Chair
Richard Norton, Vice-Chair
Headingley Development Trust