Headingley Farmers' Market

Strawberries picked that morning, leeks pulled the night before, fish that swam in the North Sea just a short while ago...freshness and knowing where your food comes from are just a few of the reasons that people come to Headingley Farmers' Market on the second Saturday of the month.

"Have you got any broccoli?" "Sorry  –  not ready yet" ... "Will you have lettuces next month?" "Yes, if the weather's kind" ...it's the seasonality that's another reminder of where our food comes from and to appreciate it.

"What do I do with those mushrooms?" "How do I cook that joint of lamb?". The people who sell the food at the market also produce it and do so with care, so can tell you how best to enjoy it.

Markets from time immemorial and all over the world have been places where people gather, chat, renew an old acquaintance and share news. Headingley market is no exception. So, as well as being able to do nearly all the weeks shop, people are heard meeting, greeting, laughing, often to the sound of local musicians and the squealing of kids as they enjoy the monthly game from the Headingley Development Trust stall.