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Headingley is just the ideal location for this bookshop. Home of world famous literary figures, we have a local community which just loves reading - the three universities on our doorstep partly explains this phenomenon - and the popular annual Headingley Literature Festival also helps.

The story of the shop started over 20 years ago when the books section in the Oxfam shop had grown so large that we could move it out of our main shop and establish a separate bookshop. We are not only one of the most successful Oxfam bookshops in the country, but the huge generosity of the Headingley community means that we can support other Oxfam shops with books in areas which are not as lucky as us.  Over 5000 books are donated a week and new stock arrives every day. Our regular customers know this and tend to come in every day to check out the new additions.

In this day and age of Internet shopping it is still quicker and cheaper to buy directly from us than to order the same books online. Luckily our stock appeals to everyone and people travel from far and wide to visit us. We have unique books for specialist collectors who are especially fond of the beautiful Folio Society editions, old Penguin paperbacks, a huge Ladybird offer and vintage sci-fi books. The art, the history and the science sections are popular with students.  The higher value and niche books are sold online which is a very interesting operation in itself.

Our shop is staffed by over 60 volunteers who are a very diverse and happy bunch who just love the work. Ages range from 14 to over 80 and there are lots of students and retirees.  We are a very international team coming from all over the world, people from Latin-America and Spain often volunteer with us. We are always looking for new volunteers and have a range of jobs that need doing in the shop and online, so why not join us?

Proudly part of a Headingley’s literary hub, we host events for Headingley Litfest and hold book launches and readings. We have a close relationship with local schools and our large children’s section is very popular with parents and children alike. The shop has a small children’s drawing area which helps parents who want to browse our selection undisturbed!

Come and visit us. We have many regulars, welcome newcomers, and our shop is a great place to meet like-minded people from all over the world who love books.

Viktor Orban, Manager
Annette Hennigan, Deputy Manager
Oxfam Books Headingley
13-15 Otley Road, Leeds LS6 3AA
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