Artisan Bakery

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“It’s the different kinds of bread, all freshly baked with interesting ingredients and flavours that brings me here.”  “Cakes, rolls, pastries, straight out of the oven. You just can’t beat it.”  So say loyal customers who travel from far and wide and know exactly why they come to the Artisan Bakery in Headingley.

A Master Baker for over 30 years, Ian with his daughter Amy run the place.  Ian has lived and worked in Leeds all his life.  He was trained as a baker in the old Schofields store aged 16 and it made a big impression on him.  “I loved creating things. I knew I didn’t want to work with machinery, I wanted to use my skills, work with my hands, make something unique and full of flavour.”

He also worked as a baker for the celebrated chef, Anthony Flinn, in his Leeds city centre restaurant.  “It was here that I saw people asking for natural products and premium quality food. They wanted healthy eating, no artificial additives or preservatives. That is what I wanted too.”

So he went in search of premises to set up his own shop and ended up in North Lane, Headingley. “Try the spelt, sourdough, tomato or walnut bread. Or the pasties and pork pies. Or eccles cakes and gingerbread men. Mince pies or scones. Try anything ... they are all delicious.”

It is true, everything there is hard to resist - and long may it last.

Ian Gaunt and Amy
Artisan Bakery
9 North Lane
Leeds LS6 3HG

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