weetwood north Listed Buildings


Listed Buildings

• Bardon Grange
• Coach House, stables and yard wall at Bardon Grange
• Bardon Grange Lodge
• Bardon Hill
• Former coach house and stables to Bardon Hill
• Lodge to Bardon Hill, 89 Weetwood Lane
• Gate piers, gates, flanking wall and bollards toBardon Hill
• Weetwood Grove and Weetwood Court
• Fox Hill Cottage and attached walls and gates
• Oxley Croft (Weetwood Croft)
• Oxley Hall terrace and steps
• Coach house and stables to Oxley Hall
• Lodge, walls and gate piers to Oxley Hall
• Spenfield (Grade II*)
• Lodge, outbuildings, piers and wall to Spenfield
• Weetwood Hall (Grade II*)
• Weetwood Hall Lodge, Weetwood
• Lodge to Weetwood Hall, Otley Road
• Gates, piers and walls to lodge at Weetwood Hall
• Stables north-east of Weetwood Hall

Other Buildings and features of interest
• Fox Hill and outbuildings
• The Hollies mansion (at risk)
• The Hollies gate lodge and gate piers
• Quarry Dene
• Lodge to Quarry Dene}
• Victoria Cottage, Rose Dene, Weetwood Terrace, Rosegarth on north side of Weetwood Mill Lane
• Stone walls lining Weetwood Lane

Extracted from Far Headingley, Weetwood & West Park Neighbourhood Design Statement, Leeds City Council, 2ed, 2014.  The whole document is available online at <http://www.leeds.gov.uk/docs/FH%20NDS%20Adoption%20Version.pdf>

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