The Bowery: The home of creativity


Deciding to embark on a 12 months adventure in 2006 we quit our jobs, I was a secondary school teacher and Ged had one of those made up jobs that pays a lot of money. We rented out our flat and set off on Christmas Day to travel the world.

We worked on organic farms in Australia, built printing presses in New Zealand and volunteered in art galleries before making our way to New York City.  There in the Bowery district, we made the decision to change our lives for good.

Full of energy and optimism for all we had seen, we wanted to bring a slice of creativity back to Headingley.

That’s how the Bowery, ‘the home of creativity’ was born. Our goal was to build a place where people could relax, create and be inspired. So, back in the UK, we did what any insane person does; we put our home against a business loan.

Now, nine years on, we still have no money, lots of sleepless nights but have just signed our second lease and are in the process of renovating our upstairs space so that we can expand our programme of workshops, creative parties and art events… bonkers really!

Sandra and Ged Togher
The Bowery