Cafe Monsieur Dejeuner

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We are sorry to report that Cafe M Dejeuner closed on 10 October 2018.

I like to see Monsieur Déjeuner as a place where people can relax and enjoy the moment, while having the opportunity to learn more about France and share their own culture at the same time. It is a French café, and a place where locals can also watch French films, attend weekly French lessons, and take part in language exchanges. I have always been fond of England and its culture, and a few years ago, while I was living and working in Paris, I decided to move to Leeds, a vibrant and welcoming city.

As soon as I set foot in Headingley, I knew I was going to open my café in this diverse and pleasant area. I am from the South of France, and through my studies and professional experiences, I came to live in the North of France as well as in Paris. My cuisine reflects this: customers can enjoy olive spread, red wine, bistro food, but also Belgian beers and Flemish "carbonnade", while listening to French radio.

Jean Damien Sebastian
Monsieur Déjeuner