West Park Fields


West Park Fields and Beckett Park, between Otley Road and the Harrogate railway line, together once formed part of the lands of New Grange, a farm of Kirkstall Abbey. After the abolition of the monasteries, the land was acquired by private individuals, and the house was renamed Kirkstall Grange. In 1910, Leeds Corporation bought the land, and the parkland to the south became Beckett Park, and the agricultural fields to the north became West Park Fields. The Fields now include two full-size grass football pitches, as well as a community orchard and a wildflower meadow. The Fields have been dedicated as part of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields-in-Trust Scheme. Access is from Northolme Avenue and Crescent to the east, Spen Lane to the west, and Queen’s Wood to the south.

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West Park Fields is owned by Leeds City Council and managed by its Parks & Countryside Service. It is cared for by the Friends of West Park Fields.

Photographs by kind permission of Helen Pickering (HP) and West Park Residents Association (WPRA).

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