Planet Friendly Headingley


Many residents in and around Headingley are keen to care for our planet.  We do so by keeping our environment as green as possible, by using resources economically, and by recycling what we do use.



Green Headingley

Even though we are in the midst of the city, Headingley’s local environment is a surprisingly green and pleasant land.


Headingley is surrounded by a green girdle of half-a-dozen parks; for details, go to Parks
In addition, much of Headingley has a rich tree cover; for an aerial view, go to A660.



Allotments are available on four sites in Headingley for those  who are keen to grow their own.
For details,
go to Allotments


A number of plant shops and other outlets can supply those who want to cultivate their garden.

For details,
go to Plants & Gardens

Green Groups  These initiatives are supported by a range of local organisations, including friends of the parks and various planting groups.
For details, go to Green Groups


Local Headingley

A local economy uses the locality economically!  Choosing a locally-owned store or restaurant can generate up to four times as much economic benefit for the surrounding region as shopping or eating at a chain.  One study found that local retailers returned an average of 52% of their revenue to the local economy, compared with just 14% for chain retailers (Civic Economics, Survey of Independent Businesses, 2012).  There is still a good local economy in Headingley.  

Food Shops

Several shops are locally-based, especially the monthly Farmers Market, but also the North Lane quartet of the Artisan Baker, Harris Greengrocer, Headingley Farm Butcher and the Natural Food Store.  
For details, go to Food Shops

Non-Food Shops

Again, several shops are local, including shops for clothes, for various media and for household goods.

For details,
go to Clothes, Media and Household

Eating Out

We have a dozen or more cafes, all local, and a similar number of restaurants, most of which are also local.

For details,
go to Cafes and Restaurants


Sustainable Headingley

Local recycling helps Headingley to be sustainable.

Rainbow Junktion

Rainbow Junktion on Regent Terrace is part of the Real Junk Food Project, and uses food from local stores, restaurants and individuals that would usually go to landfill.

For details,
go to

Charity Shops

Headingley Centre has charity shops with clothes, books and records.

For details,
go to Charity Shops


The Council provides green bins for recycling and brown bins for garden waste; in addition, there are many local bottle banks, ● at Hyde Park Corner (by Woodhouse Moor), ● on Headingley Lane (at Hinsley Hall), ● on Cardigan Road (by the Co-op), ● on North Lane (by The Taps), ● etc.
For details, go to LCC Recycling

Thanks to Tim Goodall for providing much of the content of this page.


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