Heritage Open Days, Headingley, 2019


Explore Headingley’s Heritage – Headingley is again taking part in the annual national Heritage Open Days, held in September every year, when the doors are opened to historic monuments and buildings, especially those normally closed to the public.  Heritage Open Days began in 1994 and they are one of the benefits of our links with Europe - in 1991 the Council of Europe and the European Commission set up European Heritage Days to raise appreciation for Europe’s rich and diverse cultural assets.

In this country, Heritage Open Days reflect the rich and diverse cultural heritage of England and its communities.  In Leeds, the events are co-ordinated by Leeds Civic Trust, and in 2019, they include a dozen venues in and around Headingley, listed below.  Further information on all of them can be found on the Heritage Open Days website, at www.heritageopendays.org.uk



FIRST WEEKEND, Friday–Sunday, 13-15 September 2019

Castle Grove Masonic Hall
, Moor Road, 13 September
0945 onwards, guided tours, booking required

Devonshire Hall, Cumberland Road, 13 September
1300, 1400, guided tours, booking required

Makkah Masjid Mosque, Thornville Road, 14 September
1200-1500, exhibition, no need to book

Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, 14 September
1100-1400, Family Friendly Screening & Activity, book on day

SECOND WEEK, Tuesday-Sunday, 17-22 September 2019

Hyde Park Picture House
, Brudenell Road, 17 September
1800 onwards, West Yorkshire Queer Stories, no need to book

Headingley Hill Walkabout, meet Hyde Park pub, 17 September
1830, walk, booking required

Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, 19 September
1300, 1415, tours of the projection room, booking required

Hinsley Hall, Headingley Lane, 19-20 September
1100, 1400, tours, booking required

Leeds Beckett University, Headingley Campus, 21-22 September
1100-1600, exhibition, talks, tours, no need to book

Beckett Park/Kirkstall Grange History Walk, The Grange, Leeds Beckett University, 21-22 September
1200, 1400, guided tours, no need to book

Headingley St Columba URC, Headingley Lane, 21 September
1000-1530, church tours, no need to book

Moorlands School (Fox Hill), Fox Hill Drive, 21 September
1000-1200, displays, no need to book

Woodhouse Ridge, Ridge Terrace, 21 September
1100-1300, walking talk (or talking walk), no need to book

Hyde Park Picture House, Brudenell Road, 22 September
1000-1500, open day, no need to book
1030 onwards, tours of the projection room, booking required

For further info, including booking details where necessary, go to www.heritageopendays.org.uk  Click on Visit, and either go to Printable Area Lists and click on Leeds; or go to Map and zoom in on Headingley and click on the little castles.


Of course, there’s plenty of heritage on view in and around Headingley, all the year round.  And most of this is shown on the HeadingleyLeeds website – for instance, Listed Buildings are listed, all the distinctive Character Areas of the Neighbourhood in Headingley and Far Headingley are described, we also have some Walks around these places; all of these are on the Explore page.  In addition, we have photo galleries showing Headingley as it is and as it was – go to Historic Headingley Photos and Headingley Now Photos (on the Home page).  For the context of all, see the History of Headingley.

Richard Tyler
HeadingleyLeeds website