Historic Headingley
& our neighbours

As Leeds' Number One Suburb, Headingley and its environs have a rich and interesting past. Browse our gallery of photos spanning a century and a half for some recognisable landmarks and signs of times gone by.


Headingley Centre

headingley centre image00007.jpeg

Far Headingley

Far H IMG_3819.jpg

West Park

West Park 200379_23452395.JPG


Weetwood IMG_3544.jpg

Hyde Park

South Headingley

South headingley old.jpg

West Headingley


Headingley Hill 

Headingley Lane IMG_9722.jpg


Heritage Kirkstall Grange.jpeg

Wood Lane Area



Beckett IMG_3601.jpg

For a general history of Headingley and its neighbourhood, go to History of Headingley.

Find out more about the history of Headingley and our surrounding areas in Eveleigh Bradford, Headingley: this pleasant rural village, Northern Heritage (2008) (available at HEART), and David Hall, Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park, Far Headingley Village Society (2000).

Thanks to the Photo Shop for help with cleaning up many of the photographs.

See also, photographs of Headingley now.