Historic Headingley & our neighbours

As Leeds' Number One Suburb, Headingley and its environs have a rich and interesting past. Browse our gallery of photos spanning a century and a half for some recognisable landmarks and signs of times gone by.


Headingley Centre

headingley centre image00007.jpeg

Far Headingley

Far H IMG_3819.jpg

West Park

West Park 200379_23452395.JPG


Weetwood IMG_3544.jpg

Hyde Park

South Headingley

South headingley old.jpg

West Headingley


Headingley Hill 

Headingley Lane IMG_9722.jpg


Heritage Kirkstall Grange.jpeg

For a general history of Headingley and its neighbourhood, go to History of Headingley.

Find out more about the history of Headingley and our surrounding areas in Eveleigh Bradford, Headingley: this pleasant rural village, Northern Heritage (2008) (available at HEART), and David Hall, Far Headingley, Weetwood and West Park, Far Headingley Village Society (2000).